EYELID BLEPHAROPLASTY,  before - after Dr Bellity
Eyelid blepharoplasty, before – after Dr Bellity


Excess skin results in one or more folds which make eyelids heavy and older looking. The patient complains of not being able to apply make-up correctly any more. This problem is resolved quite simply by a procedure during which an arc of skin is removed under local anaesthetic. The scar is unnoticeable and is hidden in the fold of the eyelid.

This excess skin is variable and in some extreme cases can even interfere with your vision. This is known as blepharochalasis and treatment for this is covered by social security. The excess skin is often aggravated by another problem linked to ageing: the drooping of the eyebrow and these needs to be taken into account. Using Botox to treat forehead wrinkles can make eyebrows droop more and can sometimes be one of the reasons for deciding to operate.

The shape of the eyelid is a key element to consider before planning the procedure. Photos are essential to work back through the ageing process and decide with the patient what shape their eyes were before and will be afterwards. There are numerous specific shapes that we can identify such as congenital hooded and protruding eyes (Charlotte Rampling) or slightly slanted eyes (Sophie Marceau). The art of this procedure consists in respecting these characteristics and rejuvenating the eyes while preserving the natural expression. In the vast majority of cases, upper eyelid scars are invisible because the skin is thinner here than anywhere else on the body.



Excess skin in the lower eyelid creates folds and wrinkles which are accentuated when smiling or pulling a face. The treatment consists of making an incision just below the lashes, tightening the skin and then sewing the incision back up with individual stitches using a very fine thread.

Bags show themselves through swelling under the eye which is often more pronounced when one is very tired. In fact, everyone has these pockets of fat but they can become accentuated and visible with age. Oedemas attach themselves to the fat and make the bags look more visible at times. The treatment consists of reducing the amount of fat and removing the visible bags.
If the bags are “isolated”, in other words not associated with an excess of skin, they can be surgically removed without creating a scar by operating via the conjunctiva – endo-conjunctival. If there are bags and excess skin, the incision just under the eye lashes will be used to treat the excess skin and at the same time to remove the excess fatty tissue.
There are three distinct pockets of fat under the eyes. They need to be examined individually so that the right quantity of fat can be removed. In all cases, an experienced surgeon should err on the side of caution and not remove more fat that necessary, or risk creating a “hollow eye” which would give the patient a weary look.



The FRENCHLIFT ® was invented by Dr. Philippe Bellity who has been working on minimally invasive solutions for years. It is aimed at men and women experiencing the first signs of sagging jowls and has become, over the last few years, the alternative to a facelift. FRENCHLIFT ® offers many advantages : it is very effective in lifting the cheeks and jowls and recreating the oval line of the face. It respects the entire personality of the face without stretching the skin excessively or deforming the mouth. Scaring is kept to a minimum, and the scars are hidden inside the ear and at the side of it, the recovery period is much shorter (about a week. The results last as long as a classic facelift.



Dr. Bellity is equipped with the new innovation by Urgo laboratories, UrgoTouch : A unique laser technology for all those who want a more beautiful scar after their surgery cosmetic surgery. Treatment of the scar with the UrgoTouch laser is performed in the operating room at the end of the procedure once the surgical suture is complete. Still under anesthesia, you will not experience any pain.