The French lift is a procedure perfected by Dr. Philippe Bellity.

It provides a real solution to sagging cheeks and jowls and is as non-invasive as possible. The procedure is carried out in the clinic under a local anaesthetic and really rejuvenates the face while completely respecting the integrity of the personality. A light anaesthetic (sedation) can also be given if the patient wishes.

This technique is aimed at women whose faces are showing the first signs of ageing. At last there is an alternative for those who refuse to have a face lift but who do not want to let their faces sag.

Basically, it involves a small incision near the ear and in the ear, hidden by the hairline. This means the cheek and jowl can be separated and the sub-cutaneous fatty and muscular structures lifted, giving a natural and lasting result without the skin looking stretched. The technical innovation lies in the use of self-blocking sutures. This makes the procedure easier and ensures lasting results.

The down time simply involves a little swelling and bruising, lasting a week. The result is all the more natural because it does not alter the face’s expression at all – it simply restores it to how it looked five or 10 years earlier.



The FRENCHLIFT was invented by Dr. Philippe Bellity who has been working on minimally invasive solutions for years. It is aimed at men and women experiencing the first signs of sagging jowls and has become, over the last few years, the alternative to a facelift.

From a technical point of view the FRENCHLIFT offers many advantages. It is very effective in lifting the cheeks and jowls and recreating the oval line of the face. It respects the entire personality of the face without stretching the skin excessively or deforming the mouth. Scaring is kept to a minimum, and the scars are hidden inside the ear and at the side of it. As the detachment of the cheek is limited, the recovery period is much shorter and down time only lasts for about a week. The threads are very fine and are rapidly absorbed; there is no need to have them removed. The use of internal, absorbable, self-blocking sutures lifts the deep structures – muscles and fat – giving results that last as long as a classic facelift.

The procedure takes one hour. Two types of anaesthetic are possible: For those who do not want to be put to sleep we offer a local anaesthetic while those who would prefer it can opt for a general anaesthetic to make sure they do not see or feel a thing.