The law on cosmetic surgery.

The French government has just finalised measures ensuring cosmetic surgery is now completely covered by the law in order to bring an end to abuses. The new regulations tend to cover the places where such surgery is carried out and establish conditions for procedures so patients can rest assured that the surgeons are skilled and that the proper hygiene rules will be applied.


Before any intervention, the surgeon must provide you with:

- An information sheet and an informed consent form which you must return signed.
- A quote including the surgeon’s fee, the clinic’s costs and the anaesthetist’s fee.
- You have the right to a 15 day “cooling off” period.


This surgery has an IT system for the purpose of :

- Managing patient files.
- Managing the invoicing of procedures.
- Transferring care sheets to social security offices.
The information gathered during your consultation will be saved on the computer system for use by your healthcare professional, unless you raise a valid objection to this.
The healthcare professional treating you will make themselves available to provide you with all this data and any necessary information on the state of your health*.
Any doctor named by you may also be provided with your medical file in its entirety.

Law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978, modified.


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