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French lift, France 2, Comment ça va bien!




RTL : Flavie FLAMENT, On est fait pour s’entendre du 09 janvier 2012
Flavie et son équipe vous proposent de dialoguer autour du thème suivant : La chirurgie esthétique en question(s).
Avec le Dr Philippe Bellity, chirurgien plasticien.



EUROPE 1 : Astrid BARD, Rien de grave du 03 avril 2010
La chirurgie esthétique :
Des invités, des témoignages et surtout des réponses pour combattre les idées reçues en matière de santé et de bien-être.
Leur invité : Dr Philippe Bellity, chirurgien.


The FRENCHLIFT ® was invented by Dr. Philippe Bellity who has been working on minimally invasive solutions for years. It is aimed at men and women experiencing the first signs of sagging jowls and has become, over the last few years, the alternative to a facelift. FRENCHLIFT ® offers many advantages : it is very effective in lifting the cheeks and jowls and recreating the oval line of the face. It respects the entire personality of the face without stretching the skin excessively or deforming the mouth. Scaring is kept to a minimum, and the scars are hidden inside the ear and at the side of it, the recovery period is much shorter (about a week. The results last as long as a classic facelift.



Dr. Bellity is equipped with the new innovation by Urgo laboratories, UrgoTouch : A unique laser technology for all those who want a more beautiful scar after their surgery cosmetic surgery. Treatment of the scar with the UrgoTouch laser is performed in the operating room at the end of the procedure once the surgical suture is complete. Still under anesthesia, you will not experience any pain.