ABDOMINOPLASTY PedroLee 23 février 2015


Putting on weight or pregnancy can lead to the skin around the stomach area sagging and this can be aggravated by stretch marks. The result is a deformation of the skin which becomes permanent and creates a fold above the pubis, first visible when standing and which, at its worst, creates a « pouch » of variable size.

In acute cases, this is like a tummy apron that rolls over the pubic fold and covers the pubis. Aside from the unsightliness that people feel

to varying degrees, this condition can create physical discomfort and sometimes pain and difficulty in breathing while sitting down or bending


There is a mini form of this procedure that is known as partial or mini abdominoplasty. This is only suitable for those cases where the excess skin only creates a small fold above the pubis and where the skin of the stomach has not sagged.

This consists of tightening the skin of the lower abdomen and closing it again without separating it. The after effects are straightforward and soon disappear. This procedure is often combined with liposuction to reshape the stomach and hips.


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