Testimonies barbara 4 février 2019


It has been four years since I had this great idea to ask Dr. Bellity to reshape my face. To this day, every time I look in the mirror, I still do not believe! My face is fresh, relaxed and firm, in a perfectly natural way. A success!


Operated four months ago by Dr. Bellity for an aging of the face that I struggled to accept (jowls and deep wrinkles on both sides of the nose and mouth) I am extremely satisfied with the result. I am 55 years old and I find myself now with the face of my 45 years.

The Doctor was very professional and able to put me at ease by his softness and his explanations clear and precise.

The operating room of the clinic was « clean ». The staff was very attentive.

My only concern during the following weeks, was the lack of sensitivity of the lower part of my face, but nowadays I have almost the same feelings as before the intervention and I think that within a month or two I will have recovered everything.

Nowadays, I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror in the morning, because the result is very natural, so natural that my entourage did not make any comment except numerous complements.


Two years ago, I did a FRENCHLIFT with Dr Philippe Bellity and I am really very satisfied! Before, I could not look anymore in the mirror, all the time I was trying to raise my face oval and I did not want to be photographed. Today all this is over, I am delighted! The FRENCHLIFT has given me a superb freshness and I look much younger. While being operated for FRENCHLIFT, I did also a lip augmentation and the result is very natural. I love it!

Feeling very confident with my surgeon, last summer I did with Dr Bellity an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the back. I am very happy with the result, I have a nice flat belly now! No more bulges! The scar gradually fades.

I would like to thank Dr Philippe Bellity very much for his admirable work and his enormous kindness. He’s a master of cosmetic surgery! I plan to do a breast lift with him next year.


It’s been five weeks since I have been operated by Dr. Bellity. Since that time, so much emotions, joy, admiration … After 3 weeks of vacation, what a triumphal return to work, where my colleagues say: « Wow, 3 weeks on holidays, it is written on your face! » or « What’s wrong ? You did something, you’re beautiful! » or « It’s nice to see you again, you’re rejuvenated!” or « You’re resplendent  » To some I said « Ah! holidays …”, to others, that I met an extraordinary man! By the way, even one of the neighbours (who has a great sight besides being deaf) has noticed a change and ahs told me in sign language: “You are pretty”.

So, for all these returns and for each passage in front of my mirror when I think of Dr. Bellity, I wanted to say again « Many thanks ».

I had a “crush” since the first appointment in Dr. Bellity’s office. Even if the time after the surgery was a little painful, I never doubted a single second of the result because I trusted him and I am so grateful because it is so natural …

I know that it will take a few more weeks for everything to be ok … For the moment, almost all the threads are gone, I have a little crust behind the left ear and on the scalp on both sides as well as indurations on the lower part of the face which resorb with the drainages.

I have so many emotions that it is difficult for me to express it, but as I told dr Bellity, he is my Savior … because with a single aesthetic operation the repair was made also from the inside and this is evident in my everyday life.


Following a rhinoplasty of the tip (nostrils too large, wide round tip and drooping, thick skin) made in April 2019, I would like to thanks Dr. BELLITY and his assistants for their kindness, simplicity and professionalism, for my stay at the clinic (where I was supported by a very friendly staff) and especially for the result of my operation, beyond my expectations (and much better than the simulation done on PC). Do not hesitate to consult Dr. BELLITY, this surgeon is a magician.

Although I can not deliver any rating stars or award prizes, Dr. Bellity deserves them all. I would like just to share with everyone my “happy end” story and relate precisely what happens after the intervention.

Day 1 – arrival at the clinic and intervention.
Impeccable support, everyone is doing their best to put the patient at ease. It’s time to go down to the block. Here too, the atmosphere, if we can say, is good. Wake up and back to the room – the sensation is not unpleasant. Of course, I reach for my head. A huge bandage surrounds it. It’s OK. I was warned. It’s a soft but tight helmet around the head. I take my phone and put it on selfie positon. My little head appears in this white frame. Pretty funny. The plateau arrives. This is where a first difficulty appears. Not easy to open your mouth, not easy to chew. It will be necessary, and it is valid for the next week, to eat quietly, in small bites, delicately introduced and chew carefully.

First night and morning.
In the early morning, we only dream of one thing: get rid of the bandage that compresses the ears. It will not be long. Finally Dr. Bellity carefully cuts it out and the release arrives. First shower, first shampoo. A glance in the mirror. It’s swollen. Not too much time to ask questions. It’s time to go.

First days
The pain being totally subjective, I can only say that it was not unbearable for me. The medications, whatever they are, are very good. Bumps a bit incongruous, too high cheekbones. That’s where the over comes. Too stiff, too swollen, too sensitive … This is where the first signs of doubt appear. Did I do well? Why inflict this on yourself? Will the result live up to our expectations? The two solutions: optimism and trust. But if one or the other is seriously blunt, a phone call to the doctor works great too! He is quite willing to receive them and respond – as much as possible – within minutes.

After a week.
Gently, the reliefs arrives. A new line of the face is emerging. It is now when I see what will be, in a week, a month, three months, the final result. And pretty quickly I know that it will be good.

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