Restauration of vteh olume of cheek
Restauration of the volume of cheek, before – after, Dr Philippe Bellity
Injection of Botulinum Toxin
Injection of Botulinum Toxin, before – after, Dr Philippe Bellity
Treatement of cosmetic medicine
Treatement of cosmetic medicine
Traitement eye bugs with Hyaluronic Acid
Traitement of eye bugs with Hyaluronic Acid, before-after, Dr Bellity
Remplacement des volumes de la joue
Restauration of the volume of cheek, before – after, Dr Bellity
Restauration of the volume of cheek
Restauration of the volume of cheek with Hyaluronic Acid, before – after, Dr Bellity
Lips volume restoration, before - after
Lips volume restoration, before – after, Dr Bellity
LWrinkles above lips - reparation, injection
Wrinkles above lips – reparation, injection, before – after, Dr Bellity
Traitement  grain de peau et taches brunes par peeling
Treatment of the skin marks, peeling, before – after, Dr Bellity
Cosmetic medicine is aimed essentially at combating signs of ageing in the face. Cosmetic medicine has evolved considerably since 2000, in part thanks to the arrival on the market of two molecule,: Hyaluronic Acid and Botulinum Toxin, and in part due to improvements in dermatological laser techniques which are generally used on the surface of the skin to counter wrinkles, brown spots and rosacea.

I like cosmetic medicine. I practised it as the discoveries were made and I have followed its progress. For me, it is a vital addition to surgery. The first reason for this is that it takes care of problems that surgery does not treat at all such as wrinkles, so it is complementary. The second, important reason is that from experience I can assure you that an injection of Hyaluronic Acid is not only effective in filling wrinkles but also in preventing signs of ageing and improving the quality of the skin. Patients coming for regular treatment over years note an improvement in the quality of their skin and a reduction in wrinkles. And the effects last longer and longer. The highly beneficial effect on tissue is undeniable. The important thinking arising from this is that wrinkles, lines and suchlike should be treated as early as possible so as to slow down the ageing process as it begins to show. A young woman of 35 whose naso-labial folds are starting to show a little and who has a few frown lines should not wait until these grow worse but treat them straight away so as to nip them in the bud. My advice would be to book a consultation once a year to keep on top of the signs as they appear. It is a way of managing your face’s youth capital. Regular consultations also mean you will be able to opt for early surgical solutions that are as non-invasive as possible once cosmetic medicine has done all it can.