BREAST REDUCTION PedroLee 23 février 2015
Mammary hypertrophy

Mammary hypertrophy is an excess of mammary gland.

Usually, the sufferer simply experiences discomfort but in some cases this condition can be debilitating. Patients who come for a breast reduction consultation are often very motivated. Adolescents with large breasts suffer a great deal. Once the patient accepts they will have scars, the procedure offers tremendous physical and psychological relief. If carried out by an expert surgeon, the end result is beautiful breasts that are the right size and in the right place.

This is one of the rare surgeries that are covered by social security in those cases where there is an excess of at least 300 grams per breast.Mammary hypertrophy is defined as having an excessively large breast, especially in proportion to the patient’s morphology. This excess volume is generally accompanied by a drooping, or « ptosis » of the breast and sometimes by a degree of asymmetry.