LABIAPLASTY TECHNIQUES PedroLee 23 février 2015

There are two techniques :

The first is an older technique in which inner labia skin that protrudes beyond the vagina and the outer labia is simply cut away (see left-hand drawing below). From an aesthetic point of view the result is not really natural because the remaining skin is smooth while the edges should be slightly uneven. The edges are simply sewn up with a rapid-absorption stitches that require no more care than frequent washing.

The second technique consists of removing a triangle from the inner labia (see right-hand drawing below) and closing the wound. The anatomy of the labia remains normal because the edge is untouched. This is the most common method. In some rare cases the suture might give way, requiring a small repair, a minor complication that does not exist with the first technique.

If there is excess skin and the vaginal opening gapes, it is possible to draw back the outer labia which will solve this problem.
Scars are usually of high quality and barely visible. The complications are the same as with any procedure as already detailed: bruising, infections and scar reopening etc.


Some vaginas are very large, either naturally or following several pregnancies. This can result in unsatisfactory love-making for both the woman and her partner. The solution is to reduce the diameter of the vaginal canal to boost intimate contact.

There are two techniques :

  • he first, and the simplest, is sometimes called « vaginal rejuvenation ». It consists of injecting fatty tissue into the vaginal wall to make it narrower. The technique is the same as lipofilling (see page 114) and therefore depends on the amount of fatty tissue to be grafted.
  • The second is gynaecological surgery which consists of surgically strengthening the muscles of the perineum and the pelvic floor situated between the vagina and the anus. The vagina is tightened and contracts better.

Opinion fo Dr Philippe Bellity

The widespread availability of pornographic images has lead to the creation of « standards »; the debatable idea that our genitals should conform to a certain shape. This did not used to be the case. We can deplore this or simply take note of the fact.

Having « beautiful » genitalia is now on many a woman’s wish list. Each doctor is free to perform such procedures or not. Aside from that, there are cases of genuine physical and psychological discomfort which can be resolved by letting people know about the existence of these techniques.