HAIR LOSS TECHNIQUES PedroLee 23 février 2015
Hair loss
Hair loss
  • Male alopecia Class I : receding symmetrically from the temporal lobes.
  • Male alopecia Class II: receding of the temporal gulfs – symmetrical with thinning of the quiff.
  • Male alopecia Class III: deeper symmetrical recession of the temporal gulfs – stretching to the back with a thinning of the crown known as tonsure.
  • Male alopecia Class IV: significant symmetrical recession, a well developed quiff and complete alopecia in the tonsure area.
  • Male alopecia Class V: Class IV with the two front and back zones of alopecia beginning to join.
  • Male alopecia Class VI: hair loss stretching from behind the tonsure, also known as the vertex.
  • Male alopecia Class VII: male-pattern alopecia in which a low crown of hair remains on the temples and nape.

People feel very differently about baldness and men seek a consultation at different stages. What is most important from our point of view is the continuation of a zone of good quality hair at crown level above the nape. This forms a reserve of hair enabling us to carry out a procedure known as hair transplant. The hairs are taken from this zone and replanted in the bald area.