LIPOSUCTION PedroLee 23 février 2015


This is a surgical operation carried out under local or general anaesthetic during which the body is re-shaped by removing fat through suction. By using narrow cannulas, the end result is much better. This technique avoids unevenness and this is what we call liposculpture. The effect on the figure is permanent as fat cells do not multiply.

We can carry out liposuction on a very small zone such as the neck or the knees, or remove a large quantity of fat from extensive areas of the body. The after effects are straightforward: swelling and bruising for the first two weeks. We recommend you wear a compression garment for 21 days. Hospitalisation is short – from a few hours to one day depending on how big the operation was. You should opt for liposuction as soon as possible as the result depends largely on the elasticity of the skin.


Liposuction TECHNIQUES