PTOSIS TECHNIQUES PedroLee 23 février 2015
Ptosis before - after, Dr Bellity
Ptosis before – after, Dr Bellity


Breast ptosis is characterised by a distension of the skin and a collapse of tissue. In other words, the contents and the container are no longer a match.

If the ptosis is mild, we can avoid the horizontal, inframammary scar by using a technique known as “vertical”. An intermediate but common case is the combination of ptosis and insufficient breast volume in which case we can offer an implant along with a technique for lifting the breast known as “round block” with just one scar around the nipple through which we can tighten the skin. This technique is not aesthetically possible without inserting an implant at the same time.

Breast ptosis can be congenital but more often occurs after pregnancy or breast-feeding or after major weight loss. The procedure does not impede pregnancy or breast-feeding but we advise you wait at least six months after the operation. This procedure does not increase the risk of contracting breast cancer.