FRENCH LIFT YOUR QUESTIONS PedroLee 23 février 2015

What happens on the day of the procedure ?

When you arrive at the clinic, you will be welcomed and shown to a private room. The procedure lasts one hour. Afterwards, the patient returns to their room with a dressing that holds the skin correctly in place until the following morning. Then a nurse removes the dressing and, if the patient desires, they can have their hair washed and styled too.

What are the after effects of the operation ?

A little swelling and perhaps some bruising is normal in the first week after the operation. Any pain should be minimal although some patients experience a slight numbness. On the seventh day, the patient returns for a consultation so the healing can be monitored. Many patients will find

What is sedation or neuroleptic analgesia ?

t is a technique that requires an anaesthetist to be present. The anaesthetist uses products that mean the patient feels no pain or stress despite not being completely put to sleep.

How much does a consultation cost ?

You only pay for the first consultation. The fee is €100. Follow-up consultations are free of charge.

How long does the procedure take ?

The procedure lasts about one hour.

Is this an in-patient procedure? Do I have to stay in the clinic or can I go home the same day ?

If you have the procedure under a local anaesthetic you may go home the same day if you wish. Patients from out of town or abroad are kept in the clinic until the following morning. If you have a general anaesthetic you must stay in the clinic for the night.

Will I be scarred after the operation ? If so, for how long ?

Your cheeks will probably be bruised and swollen to some degree. This varies from person to person. These effects will disappear rapidly and your social life should only be disrupted for between seven and 10 days.

How long will the FRENCH LIFT last ?

The FRENCH LIFT is a « real » facelift despite the fact it is so non-invasive. It lasts as long as a normal facelift so for several years although it is not possible to give an exact length of time.

I am worried I might look too « stretched » ?

The reduced scar with the FRENCH LIFT guarantees a natural look. It is what comes closest to the gesture of lifting the cheeks with your hands. The procedure does not affect the size or shape of the mouth; however it does lift the marionette lines and improves the naso-labial folds.

Can I wash my hair ?

You should wash your hair from the day after the procedure with a baby shampoo if you want to prevent the Betadine from drying your hair.

Can I colour my hair ?

You can do so before the operation or three weeks after it.

Can I blow dry my hair ?

You can use a hair-dryer immediately after but on a cool setting. A specialist hair stylist can come to the clinic the day after your operation and style you hair if you wish.